I am writing this blog after watching over 60 World Cup matches since June. I, like many soccer fans throughout the US and the world, have experienced the highest highs and the lowest lows in rooting for our favorite national teams.

10034983-800Every four years, 32 of the best national teams from around the globe descend to a host county (this year Brazil) for a period of one month. The World Cup is the most widely viewed and followed sporting event in the world. It even exceeds the Olympic Games. For Example, the 2006 World Cup games had a cumulative viewing audience of 26.29 billion people and the final match had over 715 million viewers. People from the around the world will stay up late in the evening and the earliest of mornings just to cheer the team on.

The World Cup also brings out the national pride in everyone. You can be die-hard soccer fans like the members of my family or just watch the World Cup every 4 years, there is nothing like sporting your team colors to show your support. This men’s Nike Henley at Foot Looker is not only practical but also stylish. Women looking for something more casual but still show your love for everything World Cup can get this Brazil Tank at Wet Seal.

9365196-800You don’t have to just wear a polo or tank to support your favorite team. These World Cup Germany or Brazil socks at Urban Outfitters shows your whimsical side. Don’t like wearing socks but love to cook and play video games?  Try this Colavita World Cup Extra Virgin Olive Oil from World Market or this Xbox 360 game from Walmart.

Whether you wear, cook or play video games in support of your favorite national team in this year’s World Cup, Find&Save is your place to find all that you need.  So, even though the USA team will not be playing in the finals on the 13th, I still will be wearing my favorite USA Soccer Nike T-Shirt that I found at Dick’s Sporting Goods while searching and discovering on the FindnSave via the iPhone/iPad or Android app.