Super Bowl Sale on Find&Save for iPad

Super Bowl Sale on Find&Save for iPad

I have a confession to make: I am not the “die-hard” football fan I claim to be. If I were, I’d be watching the Super Bowl this year. And I will not be watching the big game this year, as I’ve done every year previous since about – well, the time of my birth.

As a longtime 49ers fan, it’s just too painful. Even though members of my family are passionate Broncos supporters, I can’t bring myself to do it. Perhaps I’ll spend the day golfing. Perhaps I’ll take my kids on a fun excursion. Perhaps I’ll just watch bowling or Matlock repeats.

But that’s just me.

The good news is that there are still two great teams going head-to-head for the championship. As a former sports journalist, I must admit this year’s game will be pretty exciting and I will probably be checking my phone for the latest info – wherever I am not watching it.

Lobster Tapas at CostcoOne thing I will miss is the Super Bowl party. I have been to many football-viewing parties, most good, some bad. All my years of partaking in, or throwing, Super Bowl parties has made me well-versed on all the essentials needed to maximize the enjoyment the game. And from party supplies to food and beer, it just so happens you get them all on

Exploring the Basics
Long gone are the days where chips and salsa and hot dogs alone suffice as acceptable party cuisine – although Kroger does have one of the largest selections of these we’ve seen. Step up your game with nine-layer dip, yummy meats and cheeses, shrimp platters, lobster tapas and of course, chicken wings. Safeway and Costco offer other special options just for the big game. And don’t forget dessert – frozen cream puffs are a personal favorite, plus they’re on the lighter side.

Satin Etched NFL Seattle Seahawks Wine Glasses at Bed Bath & BeyondThere will be beer…
And the usual suspects (CVS, Walgreens, Foods Co., Save Mart and Lucky) have some incredible sales that must be checked out. That said, be creative – and go beyond beer. A signature cocktail for adults and mock-tails for the young-ins is a fun way to put a stamp on your party. Tie in your favorite team if you can. Mix in some cool glasses or other cocktail accessories and you’ve got a party to remember. 

Decorations: Less is More
Start and end with a pilgrimage to Target, Bed Bath & Beyond or Walmart. Numerous decorative elements can be had that are light on the wallet. Our advice: Don’t overdue it. Get some balloons or banners for your team of choice, throw in some tchotchkes or party favors you can pass out to guests.

Junk Food NFL Denver Broncos Tee at Urban OutfittersThe Apparel Conundrum
If you’re a real fan of the Seahawks or Broncos, you’re probably already covered in this area. If not, tread lightly. Don’t just run out and pay top dollar for the first thing you see. Shop around a bit and make sure to buy something you’ll actually wear again. Foot Locker, Sports Authority and Dicks Sporting Goods are the first places I’d hit up. I just bought this retro Broncos tee for my cousin in Denver.

Other Cool Stuff
Looking around Find&Save, some other cool things that caught my eye were these Broncos beer tumblersSeahawks snack helmets, and wine glasses. That’s just a tip of the iceberg though – lots of other party essentials are waiting to be discovered at Find&Save.