We’re all in denial, I get it. Summer is coming to an end and fall officially starts this weekend. One major task that needs to be checked off the household to-do list in the coming weeks is storing your summer wardrobe and rotating in your fall and winter items.

To make the process a little easier I highly recommend getting a jump start on the necessary items to make the swap seamless including: cleaning supplies, storage bins, hangers, cedar blocks and more. Lucky for you, you can find everything you need on findnsave.com!

Storage Bins: Summer clothes have the ability to compress easily. Storage bins are the ideal solution for lightweight clothing – folding cotton and linen is non-damaging and bins come in a variety of sizes and colors. If you’re able to hide your bins under your bed opt for these clear ones, available at Target, that have rollers. Rollers help ease the taking out and putting away process – no fighting with the bin needed.


If you’re looking to display your bins in your closet, but want to conceal the majority of your items go for bins like these hand woven gems, on sale at Sears.


Before putting any delicate summer fabrics in the bins be sure to line them to prevent snagging. View bins of all shapes and sizes, here.

Hanging Storage Bags: Save space and keep all of your suits and dresses in hanging storage bags. Clothing compresses once it’s within the bag and your favorite dressy summer staples won’t lose their shape. These natural cotton bags are perfect for allowing fabric to breathe and they’re available at The Container Store.


Find the right hanging storage for you, here.

Cedar Blocks: When storing your favorite summer items you want to be able to rest assured that nature doesn’t have other plans for destroying that gorgeous silk sundress you love. Keep the pests, odors and mildew away with these cedar items.

Kick it up a notch and pick up these lavender cedar blocks from The Container Store. Not only do they protect, but they will leave your garments smelling like they never left summer.


Cleaning Products: Once the seasonal clothing transition is complete you want to make sure your closet, bedroom and storage area are ready to endure the next two seasons. Make sure everything is spick and span and find all of the cleaning products you could possibly need, here.

How do you handle summer clothing storage? Let us know – tweet @FindnSave.