Do you have trouble getting your children going in the morning? Are they walking around like zombies and terrified by the light or sound of your voice?

Find&Save to the rescue! Thanks to our lovely staff, chalk-full of parents, I was given multiple suggestions on items that help keep the gang moving and out the door in the morning. Here are a few of their favorite timesaver items, which you can of course find on

Fun alarm clocks. An alarm clock is an item that everyone loves to hate. Find one that fits your child’s personality and there will be less of a fight getting out of bed. What little boy or girl wouldn’t love this rocket-shaped alarm clock?


Your little space travelers will blast out of bed with this clock that beams a digital display against huge galactic images on your wall or ceiling. Pick up one of these beauties up at your local Macy’s and see all alarm clocks on sale. – Lauren L.

Grab and go foods. What’s the last thing you want to do when you’re running out of time in the morning? If you said cook, you are correct. For the family on the go be sure to have multiple kinds of healthy, ready to go snacks and meals. A Wanderful Media office favorite includes squeeze food, like Happy Squeeze, available at Walgreens. These pouches come in a variety of superfood options such as: Kiwi, Banana & Apple and Pomegranate, Blueberry & Pear.

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Don’t forget your basics if you’re in a pinch. Bananas, cereal bars and apples are easy to eat in the car, or running to the bus. – Dave T.

Pre-packed roller backpacks and lunchboxes. Pack it up the night before. It’s as simple as that. Once homework is finished, zip it up and forget about it until morning. Because little ones aren’t as sturdy, give their backs a break and opt for a roller backpack. Toys “R” Us currently has comic roller bags on sale for your little ones, like this Spiderman bag. If you’re looking for fun patterns and vibrant colors, I suggest heading to Justice. View all roller backpacks on sale.


Once the bag is packed up, and their outfit is laid out, prep their lunch for the next day. Toys “R” Us also has cartoon lunch boxes up to 50% off, showcasing all of their favorite characters. Take a peek at lunch box savings. 


Put all of your meal items into the bag and pop it in the fridge – good to go for the morning! – Libra W.

Slip-on shoes. Learning to tie your shoes is fun and exciting, but slip-ons are ideal in a time crunch. Mass amounts of brands now offer stylish little kicks for the kiddos. Sperry, which I’m personally a fan of for adults, serves up their classic boat shoe/sneaker with a twist. Sequins, patent leather, animal prints, the list goes on… Save up to 40% off now at Nordstrom on the timeless shoe. Put some “prep” in their step. View Sperry for girls and boys on sale. – Eric W.


Toothbrush tunes. Brushing their teeth is a time in the morning you don’t want them to rush. Tooth Tunes SpinBrush toothbrush is a genius way to make the activity more fun, and encourage your child to brush for at least two minutes. Pick one up at Babies R Us for over 50% off, and remember to get a song that you don’t mind listening to over and over again…  – all parents

Do you have any timesaver techniques or items that you swear by in the morning? Tell us about them!