Being new to the Bay Area I am out of my element when it comes to my normal sale shopping routine. As you may know, there are a few exceptional times throughout the year where sale shopping becomes an event, almost Olympic sport-esque. Let me preface with, I am not a Black Friday sale shopper. I prefer sleeping off my turkey coma as opposed to fighting the crowds at the mall. I am not a jolly post Holiday shopper either. I don’t get to go on spring break anymore, so that shopping fiesta is out and I am too old for back to school shopping, unfortunately. So that leaves one week of sales a year that I gleefully look forward to… Presidents’ Day. I feel those sales are the hidden gem among the rest, and they can’t be beat, seriously.

Back to me being new to the area. I will be moving into a new condo next month with my significant other and we had a hefty checklist that needed to be addressed before the big day. This past week we scoured the FindnSave site, along with the sites of our favorite retailers. We were tipped off to many stores that were having blowout sales and we were quickly able to find all of the items on our move-in checklist. We had everything on our list from a new mattress to flatware, and thankfully we were able to furnish our entire condo in one weekend shopping frenzy.

Here are some of the great items we picked up. For those looking for a new place to rest their head, Sears is having a mattress sale unlike any other (ends tonight). We scored a Sealy Gel Series ti3 mattress original retail value over $2900 for $950 and change after taxes. Along with that, we purchased a shiny new counter depth side-by-side Samsung stainless steel fridge, that is sure to delight my culinary side. The original price for the fridge was $2299, on sale for $1899, but here’s the best part, without even asking the overtly kind salesman pulled us aside and said that Best Buy had the same stainless wonder on sale for $1709 and they would gladly match it. To make the transaction even sweeter we were told if we found it for a lower price in the next 30 days (before delivery) they would price match and credit the difference. Double score!

The savings didn’t just stop at Sears though. Once we had purchased our bedroom and large kitchen necessities it was off to smaller, but equally important items. Macy’s was featuring many of their gorgeous dishware sets on sale for buy one get one free. How could we turn that down? We didn’t of course and settled on a chic and elegant set suitable for both our tastes (Take a peek!), along with much needed flatware to match our new dishes.

After a shop til’ we drop weekend I’m content and ready for all of our new items to be put in place. The best part is knowing that we got everything at extreme sale prices and far under budget. That leaves plenty left over for more home furnishings, and I won’t feel as guilty searching through FindnSave making new lists as I go. We’re going to need a new blender or bedding at some point, right? Bring on the next sale season!


Photo courtesy of Flickr user mrsdkrebs