Whether sending email for business or personal reasons, we all want to avoid having our message sent to a junk folder. Here are 10 key words that will get your email sent directly to your client’s junk folder. To avoid triggering spam filters, leave these words out of your subject:

  1. Meet Singles: Filters are trying to catch porn, and this phrase sends up a huge red flag.
  2. Work From Home: Spammers know that a work from home job is in high demand during these difficult economic times, making this one of the most typical types of spam.
  3. Business Opportunity: Fake business opportunities are popular in spam so it’s best to leave this particular phrase out.
  4. Buy Direct: Commonly used to sell counterfeit goods, this term must be avoided.
  5. Clearance: Similar to ‘Buy Direct,’ clearance is used to sell fake commodities.
  6. Pre-approved: Mortgage, credit cards, loans and more. Financial spam is far too common and filters are sure to snag this one.
  7. Hello: So simple, yet so common in spam subject lines.
  8. You Have Been Selected: Spammers love trying to trick recipients in to thinking they won a prize or lottery. Don’t let your email land in the junk folder next to an email from the cultural attaché of Nigeria.
  9. Weight Loss: Pharmaceutical spam is rampant. Leave this term out of your subjects, even if you’re dying to tell your best friend about your new Paleo diet.
  10. Limited Time: It’s tough to avoid time sensitive keywords like “limited time” because most marketers know time sensitivity can often prompt a call to action. Since spammers are likely to create that sense of urgency, it’s best to avoid this specific verbiage altogether.

Keywords via All Spammed Up, an excellent source of information about anti-spam laws and regulations.