To begin composting you will need to either build an outside compost bin or purchase one. To start the process it is best to layer soil, yard clippings, and food waste like you would when making lasagna. The soil layer should be good quality soil, and yard clippings can be grass cuttings, chopped up leaves, and plants. However, do not add weeds to your compost bin because this will allow for weeds to grow in your garden when compost soil is added.

Food waste added to compost can be fruit or vegetable waste, coffee grounds, or egg shells. Do not add any meat or dairy waste as it would be unsanitary and create a nasty smell.  To collect our food waste throughout the week, my family keeps a gallon size Ziploc bag in the refrigerator.

Once the compost is layered, add some water to help aid the breakdown.  Then the compost bin must be covered to retain heat using a tarp or other covering.  Every week or so turn the soil using a shovel to help mix up the contents.

It does not take long for the breakdown of waste with the help of heat and insects. Compost is a natural fertilizer because there’s no need to add any chemicals or store bought fertilizers to  the soil. Our vegetable garden has thrived with the use of compost as you can see from these pictures. Try composting for yourself to see the results! Leave any questions you might have in the comments and good luck!

Written by
Jennifer Johnson